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Paranasal Orbital InjuryCerber manghas LMedical Animation SamplesFunctions of the BrainMVA_WhiplashArterial Supply to the Palatine TonsilsTranstentorial HerniationSubarachnoid HemorrhageSkull Study: Sagittal ViewDiabetes: BFA Thesis PosterDiabetes Beer Label: BFA ThesisNormal Vertebral Disc Abnormal Vertebral Disc Thoracic Outlet SyndromeTrochanteric BursitisSuprascapular Nerve InjuryPiriformis SyndromeCarpal Tunnel SyndromeCMNH, Forensic Reconstruction
African American FemaleAstrocytomaOpen Duodenal Mass ResectionRenin Angiotensin SystemRing Removal MethodRing Removal MethodCCF, Trigger Finger Pamphlet
1 of 2CCF, Trigger Finger Pamphlet
2 of 2Comminuted FractureCBG, Lantana camaraCMNH, Tarsier bancanusSheep Heart DissectionThe Human EyeCMNH, Red Fox ExhibitHuman Heart, (Line Study)CMNH, Libellula luctuosa
(Widow Skimmer)
The Circulatory System, Fetal Pig Dissection CBG, Aloe divaricataCMNH, Adolescent Baboon Cranium
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Developing effective visual solutions through traditional and digital media techniques for healthcare education. The ability to utilize a broad spectrum of software and knowledge based skills provides an accurate and engaging approach for your visual communication needs no matter how complex the information. Focused on creating innovative, clear and aesthetically dynamic visuals combined with anatomy, medicine and science for a wide variety of applications.